Best mobile phones and best cameras of 2019 releasedBest mobile phones and best cameras of 2019 released

2019 is coming to an end, but you must be very curious which are the hottest phones this year? Foreign technology websites “Phonearena” and “Tom’s Guide” have also announced the best mobile phone list of this year. The two websites evaluated from multiple new phones based on design, function, performance, battery life and camera, and finally selected 2019 The best phones and best camera phones of 2019, of which the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max also won the championship at the same time. As for which other phones are also on the list? Take everyone to understand together.

Best mobile phones and best cameras of 2019 released: iPhone 11 Pro series wins double title

Best Mobile Phone and Best Camera Phone Champion of 2019: iPhone 11 Pro Series
“Tom’s Guide” believes that this year’s best mobile phone champion is the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max. The main reason is that the OLED screen and triple lens perform very well. At the same time, it also has the most powerful A13 Bionic processing chip in the mobile phone industry and the battery endurance performance is also very good. , But the entry model is only 64GB, which is heavier than the previous generation and does not affect many advantages.

As for “Phonearena”, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are considered to be the best phones of this year. In addition to the excellent color performance of the screen, there are also the best cameras and performance of smartphones. Although the iPhone camera has been lagging behind in the past few years Android phones, but after the launch of the iPhone 11 series, the addition of three lenses and night mode, finally rescued the iPhone was approved a few years ago to take terrible photos at night.

In addition to the enhancement of photo imaging, Phonearena also found that the iPhone video screen is also the best mobile phone at present. It has excellent image detail, aesthetics and stability, and it can be used without additional post-production.

Best Mobile Phone and Best Camera Phone Champion of 2019: iPhone 11 Pro Series

Best mobile phone and best camera phone runner-up in 2019 1: Galxy S10, Note 10 series
As for the second Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10 series of the Android brand, both Phonearena and Tom’s Guide consider this phone to be the best Android phone of the year. The main reason is that it has an excellent camera. At the same time, the S10 series for the first time uses multiple lenses “main lens, telephoto and ultra wide-angle lens”, and also has 128GB of storage space, you can take a larger number of photos and videos without worrying about lack of space.

In addition, the color performance of the Galaxy camera is also quite bright, and the color is more vivid than the actual, but it is still good. As for night shooting, it can’t compete with Pixel, and it can only compete in daytime shooting. Second place.

“Tom’s Guide” believes that the Galaxy S10 is better than the Note 10 series, mainly because it still has a 3.5mm headphone jack, and it is more stable in performance than the Note 10+.

Best mobile phone and best camera phone runner-up in 2019 1: Galxy S10, Note 10 series

Runner-up of best best camera phone of 2019 2: Google Pixel 4 series
The “Phonearena” website adds another runner-up “Google Pixel 4” for the best mobile phones and best camera phones. The best reason is that the Pixel is still the king of night shooting in the Android series, but it lacks an ultra-wide-angle lens and 4K60 When shooting a movie, the white balance will be inaccurate during the day, and the photo will look warmer. It is expected that the camera will recognize errors when processing color.

However, it is undeniable that the Pixel 4 is a very powerful camera phone, but it is only limited to night time. If you zoom in on the picture, it will only lead him to rank behind Samsung.

“Tom’s Guide” also indicates that the Pixel 4 XL is not better than the Pixel 3a in terms of overall performance, resulting in these two being ranked 6 to 7.

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