Fujitsu Lifebook’s early summer gift ceremony starts!Fujitsu Lifebook’s early summer gift ceremony starts!

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Shanghai, 2012-05-10 Every year, in the late spring and early summer, new notebook computers are launched like bamboo shoots, but often the prices of new products will stay high for a long time. In order to thank consumers for their love and support for Fujitsu laptops, Fujitsu PCs will be holding early summer new product promotions today. From May 8th, you only need to purchase any of the following models at Fujitsu designated stores in your city. Models, you will have the opportunity to get Fujitsu fashion doll pair cup, Fujitsu backpack, Fujitsu original mini router and many other fine gifts! Gifts are limited, while supplies last, don’t miss it!

Colorful and cool summer trend

Promotion 1: You only need to purchase one of the Fujitsu LIFEBOOK LH532 and LIFEBOOK AH531 models, and you can get a set of Fujitsu’s custom-made ultra cute Akita dog fashion doll pair cups. Fujitsu LIFEBOOK LH532-LH532 is a brand-new weapon created by Fujitsu for young and fashionable people who are pursuing youthful “playing beauty”. It uses 2012’s new high-end design concept “Carpenter”, the design is chic and trendy; and it is equipped with Intel’s latest third-generation powerful i7 quad-core processor or second-generation Core i3 dual-core processor, equipped with NVidia GeForce GT620M 2GB HD gaming alone, Various configurations such as 1G ~ 8G large memory are available.

In addition, the luxury is equipped with 3 USB3.0 ports and supports shutdown charging technology to ensure that you can charge external devices at any time in any emergency. The exclusive and exclusive limited edition LH532 also uses a matte material with a velvet touch. Its shell-shaped arc design is elegant and fresh; the seamless integrated floating-point positioning intelligent granular touchpad supports the mouse wheel and page up and down to achieve an Intelligent touchpad. With a limited edition LH532 showing taste, you will be confident in your work and life! Fujitsu Lifebook AH531-AH531 is made exclusively for those gamers.

It presents a pure Oriental style fashion LOOK, outstanding gaming performance and sleek mobile portability have opened a new era of mobile high-performance “desktops”, letting you play games without stopping! It has a 15.6-inch ultra-wide and super-bright HD LED-backlit display, 1366 * 768 resolution and HDMI high-definition interface. It is equipped with the most mainstream Intel Core i5 and i3 processors and is equipped with 2 ~ 4GB DDR3, so you can enjoy private at home. The perfect audiovisual shock of the theater! It is an exquisite decoration for modern homes and an ideal alternative to traditional desktops.

Exquisite beauty and cool summer taste choice

Promotion 2: You only need to purchase Fujitsu’s 14-inch Japanese original consumer model LH772 tailored for the Chinese market, and you will receive a Fujitsu original stylish backpack. Fujitsu Lifebook LH772 is currently the only 14-inch consumer model originally made in Japan on the Chinese market, 100% made in Japan, representing the highest quality in the world. It uses Japan’s latest high-end “craftsman” concept. In appearance, its luxurious and luxurious ultra-brilliant crystal ink screen, unique full keyboard design, full-featured F-line dialogue curve and extreme dazzling edge design, unique and beautiful.

And every detail of LIFEBOOK LH772’s internal structure also shows its Fujitsu Japanese original pure blood: exquisite motherboard and internal structure design, cost-effective materials work; unique dual copper tube large-diameter fan and Fuji ventilation channel cooling technology, heat dissipation The effect is excellent. In the design and processing of the cooling system, the LH772’s graphics chip is all equipped with a cooling device to ensure better cooling effect and longer life. The bottom of the fuselage uses Fujitsu’s original Japanese high-end imitation leather insulation pad and non-slip battery compartment design, which is beautiful and practical;

LH772 is equipped with the world-renowned brand Onkyo’s professional stereo speakers, which makes it unique in terms of sound performance and amazing performance. Onkyo surround sound professional speaker system coupled with the unique DTS UltraPC II Plus seven-layer sound effect on the market Technology, so that users of LH772 can easily enjoy the exciting music. In addition to perfect audiovisual effects, the configuration of the LH772 is also very powerful. It supports up to Intel’s latest third-generation intelligent Core i7-3612QM quad-core processor and has a second-generation i3-2350M powerful dual-core processor. With 750G / 500G hard disk, 8G / 4G / 2G large memory and other configurations to choose from, equipped with GeForce GT640M LE super large 2G high-definition game alone, comparable to mainstream gaming models. LH772 is equipped with a dual-layer DVD burner, Bluetooth v4.0, 720P HD camera, and 4 luxurious USB3.0 ports are also a remarkable performance of LIFEBOOK LH772. Its shutdown charging technology can make your electronic devices more Maintain sufficient power anytime, anywhere to eliminate your worries.

Classic business Cool summer high-end choice

Promotion 3: You only need to purchase one of Fujitsu’s original imported notebook S series (SH771, SH761, SH561) and T series (T580, T731, T901), and you will get one Fujitsu original mini router!

S is a thin and light notebook computer series that Fujitsu is positioning for high-end business. The S series focuses on stability and portability, and is known as “Japan’s IBM”. LIFEBOOK SH771——SH771 is Fujitsu’s dedication to creating a successful weapon for professionals to combine modern technology and reliable quality. It is by far the world’s thinnest 13.3-inch LED display and a full-featured notebook with an optical drive. The thinnest body is only 16.6mm, the lightest is only 1.29kg, and it can reach up to 14 hours of standby time. Fujitsu’s unique multifunctional hot-swap module design supports ultra-miniature projectors, providing business people with great convenience, and bringing Fujitsu’s “craftsman” design concept to the fullest.

LIFEBOOK SH761——SH761 is tailor-made for high-end business people. The piano lacquer has a dazzling design. The lightweight of 13.3 inches is the only 1.6kg. It is the business weapon of the CEO, CFO, and legal beauty. Powerful comprehensive performance with 1GB High definition alone makes it a leader in business books. LIFEBOOK SH561——The 13.6-inch SH561 is a high-end portable all-rounder, 3D hard disk shockproof system, data protection is safe and reliable, and the surface is engraved with a Roman pattern design leading the industry’s low-key aristocratic style. With strong performance and luxury taste, it has become the first choice for high-end white-collar workers who pursue quality life.

Personalized commercialization has become the pursuit of more and more business elites. T is a tablet/notebook dual-use portable notebook launched by Fujitsu for business people with individual needs. Its biggest feature is the dual-axis rotating digital screen technology, which can turn a laptop into a compact one second. The handsome tablet computer displays dazzling high technology and brings unlimited convenience. Among them, the T580, T731 and T901 screens support multi-touch tablet laptops and enjoy a new dual-touch experience. If you are a company executive and have documents to be issued, you can use your handsome pen on this morphing tablet. Its domineering field makes your charm unstoppable! Equipped with a multi-touch screen, you can interact with this rotatable ultra-small tablet notebook in an unprecedented way. Everything is at your fingertips: BIOS encryption, hard drive encryption technology, and leak-proof keyboards provide complete security and peace of mind.

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