Mobile phone selection guide 2019Mobile phone selection guide 2019

Although the entire mobile phone industry has passed the popularization bonus of one manpower, from the perspective of consumer electronics, the development of the mobile phone market is still surprisingly fast. It is a new generation in almost half a year. Most people will replace it in 2 years. Almost all past electronic product companies I want to come in for a share, and with the development of integrated modules, the threshold for mobile phone manufacturing has been greatly reduced. Many new and old technology companies in China have launched many brands in Europe, America, Japan, and South Korea (Sony, Toshiba, Philips, LG). Before Android HTC (Dopod), the king of win phone, changed his career.

The mobile phone market is much larger than the computer market, but the current driving factors of the mobile phone market are still games and application apps. The mobile phone can’t be moved and cannot be upgraded directly, so everyone starts to change, much faster than the computer. This market is too big and unprecedented.

Published on 2019-10-21

Which phone is worth buying and recommending, I think two directions are very important:

1. Understand the product situation in the mainstream market, including the following:

Main market brand (the sales king has better buy points, such as better software systems)
Market product main hardware configuration (most choice)
2. Combination of personal needs and budget

Home phone: Conventional entry machine of around 1000
Mainstream camera phone: 2,000 yuan, multiple cameras
Gaming flagship phone: 3,000 yuan, super performance
High-end mid-product brands: Huawei and Apple
Published on 2019-10-21

I. Major Smartphone Market Structure in 2019
Smart phones are generally called Android outside of Apple, and other operating systems have almost disappeared from the market. The major domestic mobile phone market concerns in 2018 are as follows. The latest statistics for 2019 are expected to be updated after December. The domestic sales king, Huawei (including glory), Xiaomi (including red rice), OPPO, VIVO, etc., other small Mobile phone manufacturers can almost only rely on deception, and the Matthew effect of the entire industry is too obvious. Let’s talk about the manufacturers briefly.

Today’s Headline Mobile Phone Brand Attention Statistics-2018

2018 Tmall 11.11 sales ranking
Apple iPhone has the world’s most expensive mobile phone with average price, occupying the profit pyramid of the mobile phone industry. Apple Mobile released the Apple 11 series (iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max) in autumn 2019 (9.11), but Apple ’s development history The most recent era is iPhone4, which almost opened the plug-in to grab the market. Today, Cook still has something to eat at the time. However, Apple’s powerful ability to develop and master the global technology ceiling, but currently there are company attempts under this ceiling. Close. The closed nature of Apple’s ISO, coupled with Apple’s consistent and different hardware, such as the A13, is almost the most powerful processor in mobile phones at present. Apple’s mobile phone APP has a higher standard (no shortage of advertisements), and its operating efficiency and experience are very good.

Huawei Phone / Honor Phone
China ’s new leader in mobile phone research and development. In the past, it bears the burden of making donations for telecommunications, but it ca n’t stand the money. The earliest company to independently make imaging algorithms for mobile phone cameras. The high-end machines only use Leica / Zeiss lenses. The Kirin 990 also organized a group of people to try new operations in an attempt to break away from Android, and is currently yelling and screaming on 5G. It is very hardcore and may be the boss of Android phones that can just be Apple in the future. Although I do not like to use Huawei, I very much hope that he can succeed. High-end research and development capabilities are an important guarantee for building China’s mobile phone image.

Honor is a mid-to-low-end brand owned by Huawei, which mainly takes the cost-effective route. By 2019, it has become a mid-to-low-end player.

OPPO / VIVO / OnePlus
Why are these three companies put together? Because they were all demolished by BBK. In addition to making DVDs, BBK also made repeaters and games. Let ’s cut all the leeks that can be cut by Chinese families in the early years and had to serve. The two companies OPPO / VIVO first opened specialty stores to 18th-tier cities. In the past few years, aunts and aunts paid for smart phones. Except for Apple, they usually only know these two, plus the commission for the terminal. Extravagant (usually a clerk can sell a 3000 and get 300-500). In the case of asymmetric information, the uncle’s education (brainwashing) must be convinced. Although the mobile phone is generally configured, taking pictures is very pleasing. For the factory girl They are also very attractive. Everyone sees that Apple sells so expensive, and they think that the blue-green CP is really conscience (because they don’t know about Xiaomi and other companies). The two most targeted users are young women who ca n’t afford Apple. At the same time, No one does the best market positioning and marketing. In addition, willing to invest money in advertising, all kinds of stars, all kinds of salt, directly from the mid-air position (water and fire judge) to the high-level position, absolutely good.

Worried about the brand ’s aging, OPPO removed a realme and Vivo removed an IQOO. In the mobile phone market in 2019, it must have a name because the product is very cruel, especially realme. The logo design on the back is very ugly, which can kill obsessive-compulsive disorder, but on the That ’s it. It ’s very good in terms of mobile phone cost performance.

OnePlus mobile phone is a bit different from the blue-green route, and its reputation is not good, but there are very few product models. It is more like Apple taking the fine-quality model route and using a lot of energy to make a good phone. From the perspective of strength, it should be very The capable mid-level master (Shangguan Hibari), although there is no special cow core technology, but he is diligent in stacking materials, and is designed for straight men in marketing.

The representative of the cost-effective line in the Chinese mobile phone industry must be Xiaomi, which is also very consistent with the rustic name of Xiaomi. It has no conscience and is really low-end from the market. Even the very cheap 599 mobile phone quality control is good, which has to serve Xiaomi. Praise must be given-in addition to the name. There is also a Redmi brand under Xiaomi, but redmi’s “are you ok” clay cannon translation as always.

Many Xiaomi mobile phone models have a good reputation in the market. Hungry marketing scalpers are very many. CEO Lei Jun was once dubbed as the monkey king, but the CC9E released in 2019 is really not good. I do n’t know if it ’s been a long time since Rebus. Taking the whip to draw the product department’s sake, it may be that Lei is always busy with high-end routes-for example, he still loses money after selling 20,000, claiming that 340 ° has no dead corner and can only see the MIX Alpha mobile phone that cannot be touched. The Xiaomi Mi Phone MIUI system is a very good experience. At present, the latest version has arrived at MIUI11. It is also Android skin changing and optimization. The domestic user experience is the best. Now even the ads can be closed.

Meizu Meizu
Meizu was originally a very promising company. Before Huawei Xiaomi did not come out, the M8 machine had a good reputation in the country. The button design of the M-back was simply great, but it was very confusing that after 2015 Meizu was nervous, and released a new machine development conference every three or five. Maybe it was forced by friends at the time to urgently need exposure. Impatiently played a king of eight punches. The product design did not improve. Wannian MediaTek immediately discounted the price immediately after listing. The worse the control, the worse it was said at the time. As an old kerosene, after robbing the new camera twice and encountering camera imaging noise, he directly pulled Meizu to black. After two years of layoffs, I really have no anger.

However, Meizu’s withering, not only products, but also the company’s public relations are not doing well. For example, the boss of Meizu Huang Zhang often said that Xiaomi copied plagiarism from Meizu in that year, and sometimes caused Internet drool wars, calling Xiaomi bitch cheap and cheap.怼 Go back, noble, expensive company price, coupled with Li Nan’s departure, evaluation of “people who make money is money, money is lost money”, so that Lao Li has not found a next home, why the old owner? Yes, people will stay on the front line to meet each other in the future, and it seems their own structure is still very small. Faced with such a company that does not care about feathers, the old kerosene irons, when they saw Meizu News, they would always leave a message: Why is this company not yellow? Haha, because I have been named Huang!

The invisible state-owned enterprises in the country of the stick, the big players in semiconductors, the former Android overlords in Japan and South Korea, and Samsung phones have been the king of Android shipments for a long time, but several radical designs have caused the batteries to burn and explode, causing the airlines to be nervous. Xi, has become a naillist of air transport blacklists.In 2019, China’s mobile phone production line was directly closed, the front-end market was abandoned, and the industry chain was directly responsible for harvesting.

I have to do more. Samsung’s strength is very strong. At present, Exynos is still in the top three of the SOC list. Most of the mobile phone screens are from Samsung. Even if Samsung stops making mobile phones in the future, the hardware is still able to make a splash.

With Motorola in the era of 2G mobile phones, it ’s simply not good. Later, I did n’t follow the crowd and did n’t do Android. I had to push my Saipan system and judge the situation. I just ruined the whole country. Now I want to pick up Android and return to the master list. The helpless market has not given him time, and now the masters in front of Nuoji are stubborn, and the rivers and lakes are no longer.

At the time of the Chinese Cool Federation (ZTE + Huawei + Coolpad + Lenovo), although ZTE was killed, the launch of the Nubia brand successfully delayed the aging of its own brand. As a family, it is still a bit conscious, the cool grave of the same era The grass is 5 meters tall, but it is only heavily cultivated in Nubia. In the face of many wild masters, its influence is always limited, and not many people buy it.

Today, Lenovo ’s mobile phones are almost the bottom of the domestic market. There is basically no optimization on the system optimization, and then the hardware patchwork is still not going. There is no difference between the user experience and the cottage, so think about making mobile phones early.

Hammer phone
If it is said that who speaks loudest in the mobile phone industry, it should be Lao Luo, but talking loudly may not be reliable. It is said that the best mobile phone in Northeast China has not been made. Many software applications of the hammer have to be said to be doing very well. In the mediocre system, it has been recognized by many people. Several programmer colleagues in the office often tell me how easy it is to use, but from the hardware design of the mobile phone and the price positioning, I have never been able to accept that there are more mobile phones available in the market.

The manufacturing industry is not as simple as Lao Luo imagined. Although there are foundries and many modules are modular, in the fierce market competition, many factors are required. One has never used a mobile phone, and it is arrogant to be autistic when he comes out. Geniuses dare not say, you use some people’s Android system to make some small improvements, and the hardware is still far from perfect. Touch yourself every day?

The above is a brief summary of the current brands. In fact, there are not many brands that can be bought in 2019. There are still a lot of scattered OEM companies in the market, what 360, Meitu, and several small brands launched by the Internet. It’s almost dead now. Because the market is too mature, new brands and small factories have insufficient technical accumulation, which makes it difficult to do it.

Strength division:
Industry strength division: If the mobile phone industry is divided according to the domestic martial arts film “The Bad Guys Painting the Rivers and Lakes”, the division of the strength (big sky position> middle sky position> little heaven king> big star position> middle star position> little star position), with the super The hardware and software design capabilities are in the smart phone industry. IOS is almost impossible to shake on the top of the sky. Samsung, Huawei are almost on top of the sky-Li Maozhen, Li Keyong, Xiaomi, oppo, Vivo. It ’s also in Litianyuan and Emperor ’s ranks. If the Samsung of the Ghost King level is directly arbitrated, others, such as Meizu, are poorly mixed, and probably fall into the middle star position similar to Lenovo, in the early years. Gionee has already hung up. Killing smartphones below 1,000 yuan is the result of the joint efforts of the Chinese mobile phone industry.

The rivers and lakes really retreat if they do not advance.

Second, what is the focus of mobile phone mainstream hardware in 2019?
Phone size
Size: At present, mainstream mobile phones are basically 6.5 inches, 1080P, thickness is between 7 ~ 8, weight is about 200g, I still recommend the larger the screen, the better, mainly for easy reading and typing, in addition, the battery is generally larger.

Screen form: bangs, water drops, punch, full screen. It is recommended to use a water drop screen and a full screen, because there is less occlusion, the effective area of ​​the entire screen is relatively large, and it also looks more comfortable. Highly recommended.

Material: The screen materials currently used by smartphones are classified as follows:

Super AMOLED> AMOLED> OLED> LCD, the OLED’s light-emitting material is organic light-emitting material. The screen burns out for a long time. This is why computers rarely use OLEM, because the taskbar has a color, and the bottom of the OLED will be This color will last for a long time, but OLED is more power-efficient. The screen relies on itself to provide light instead of the backlight. Therefore, the performance of color difference and picture quality is much better than the screen of other materials, which can greatly improve the battery life of the phone. Capabilities, so Samsung has further made AMOLED and upgraded Super AMOLED, but the biggest problem with this screen is that it hurts the eyes and the flicker frequency is very low, only about one tenth of the flicker frequency required for healthy eyes. Eye damage. [1] Similarly, with the rise of mobile games, the screen is now playing a game screen with a refresh rate of 90hz.

In general, backlight LCD is more prone to backlight leakage, but the problem is good, OLED is better, but it hurts the eyes, it is better not to use it before going to bed. The 90HZ screen is still okay when playing games, with a smoother picture.


On mobile phones, the CPU is integrated into the SOC. At present, Apple’s strongest A13, and most of the mid-to-high-end Android machines are Snapdragon (Huawei and Kirin). Now it has been in the Snapdragon 800 series, and Samsung and Huawei have also arrived. 900, with MediaTek as a companion at the low end. [2] If you are not playing games, the general Snapdragon 835 is completely sufficient. Huawei has also launched the Kirin processor in its mobile phone series. In this time period in October 2019, the Snapdragon 855 and Kirin 990 are the best CPUs, but the cost is still relatively high. If the performance requirements are not particularly strong, other versions of Snapdragon are also available. MediaTek’s helio is not recommended, multi-core but average performance.

Mobile phone CPU ranking can refer to: mobile phone CPU performance ladder


Most of the high-end mobile phone memory now uses low-power LPDDR4X2133MHZ, memory to 8G, while the average mobile phone is in the 4G position, the price is not much different, but with APP, games occupy memory, the higher the memory the better. Android consumes more memory than the Apple system. If the memory is large, it can effectively increase the service life of the phone without generating a performance bottleneck.

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