New starting point and challenge JAC Jiayue A5 design interpretationNew starting point and challenge JAC Jiayue A5 design interpretation

Auto House Design Decoding] Now that the global auto market is getting cold, consumers are becoming more and more psychologically holding money to buy. Manufacturers can only come up with more competitive products to impress consumers and buy. So what kind of products will attract consumers to buy? Some manufacturers find the technological configuration very attractive, while others think that good design will be more concerned. JAC has always wanted to bring good design to consumers, and this year they released the compact car JAC Jiayue A5 (parameters | inquiry) is really eye-catching, so what is the birth of this beautiful compact car What’s the story?

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-JAC Jiayue A5’s Italian “Old Father”

Thanks to the interview with Daniele Gaglione, general manager of JAC Italian Design Center, I was fortunate to know the story of the JAC Jiayue A5 before and after it was born. Among them, Daniele revealed the changes of JAC and was very proud of him.

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In the nine years of Alfa Romeo, Daniele Gaglione’s design works that have just left the campus have a strong Italian style, and the experience of luxury brands in workmanship and materials is exactly the time of JAC and even most Chinese brands Missing.

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In 2016, Daniele became the global design director of the JAC brand. At that time, he felt it was time to fulfill the dream that has always existed in his heart: to make an amazing and extraordinary car. You know, at that time, the growth of the Chinese auto market was at its peak, and the sales of SUVs were significantly higher than those of cars. Therefore, at this time, it is still very risky to develop a car against the market.

-Why make a backseat car

Now that you have chosen to develop a car, what kind of product can you create to meet the amazing and extraordinary requirements? Daniele believes that China ’s auto market is becoming more and more mature, and consumers will not only pay attention to the details of the product, but also pay attention to the overall feelings. Therefore, creating a younger and sportier sedan is in line with the current trend.

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In the current market, models with slip-back designs do not have many cars and SUVs, so if the product design is good enough, it can really meet the young, sporty, stunning and unusual elements.

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After determining several key factors such as model size, model positioning, and model characteristics, the design of local details in each area will affect whether the car will look good. The JAC Jiayue A5 is used as a new starting point for JAC automotive design. Designers have ushered in new challenges.

-The grille of the family design language is further upgraded

If you are familiar with the existing product line of JAC, then when it comes to the family-designed genes of this brand, I think you will certainly not forget the “Aquarius air grille” feature, whether it is on the Refine S7 or On the Ruifeng A60, the size of this air intake grille is very large, and the first impression is very impactful.

Regarding the sudden reduction in the area of ​​the air intake grille, Daniele admits that it is because of advances in engineering technology. The reason why the large-sized intake grille was used in the past is to ensure that the engine’s air intake is a last resort. Nowadays, with the improvement of engine technology, the amount of airflow required for cooling is not so high, so the designer’s room for play is even greater.

The changes to the front headlights of the Jiayue A5 are also a major feature. The height of the entire headlights has become shorter than the previous models, just like the eyes that were widened before are now half-wrinkled, revealing a fierce temperament.

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The straight waterfall design inside the front grille is simple and straightforward, some like animal fangs, and the chrome trim on the outer grille of the grille is integrated with the inside of the headlights to create an eye-opening design style. This is also one of the more popular design elements. In general, the design of the front face of the JAC Jiayue is simpler and smarter than other models of the previous brand, but it also shows some fierceness, and the sportiness and youthfulness are well done.

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