Recommendations for Xiaobai’s laptopsRecommendations for Xiaobai’s laptops

The computer itself is not a cheap product, and laptop computers are even more so. Don’t think that now you can buy the Android flagship for 3,000 yuan, and you can buy a good computer for 3,000 yuan. There is no such thing as a laptop. Cheap. It is recommended that everyone prepare at least 5000-6000 oceans when purchasing laptops to ensure that you can choose a relatively suitable computer for yourself in most cases. People with more stringent requirements can consider adding money to the 8000-10000 ocean. People with special needs or local tyrants can add money to more than 10,000.

When buying a computer, you must go to Jingdong’s own e-commerce or brand official website. Don’t go to Computer City! The so-called “relatives” should not be taken lightly, after all, “half the pit is born, acquaintances slam.”

Common scams in Computer City are:

Transformation: want to buy model A, lie that A is out of stock, and say that adding X yuan can buy B, B is better than A. But in fact B is a money scam machine. If you succeed, the traitor will make up various reasons to prevent you from returning.

Master Lu: The configuration table has been modified to look like configuration A, but in fact it is much worse than configuration A of B

Genuine software: I lied about adding x yuan to purchase a “genuine system”, but in fact, computers now have genuine systems pre-installed, and traitors will install a pirated version of Windows for you. In other words, you need to add x yuan to buy the so-called “anti-virus software”. Now Windows 10 has built-in Windows Defender anti-virus software, and there is no need to install other anti-virus software.

Big gift bag: It means that you will be given original accessories, after all, “the wool comes out of the sheep”.

Hiding the sea: changing a problem machine while you are not paying attention

The above is a small part of all computer city scams and the most common part. There are already a large number of articles on the principle of computer city deception in Zhihu, and there are a large number of “martyrs” who “test themselves”. When buying a computer, you must choose, the brand ’s official website, and a trusted Taobao seller. Not only buy computers, they are also very easy to be deceived by traitors when repairing computers.

For college students, you must be alert to campus agents. Information in this regard can also be found online, and there are a lot of related cases on Zhihu.

If you posted it, although most of them are kind old brothers, there are also many sailors, don’t believe everything. For example, Windows 7 hangs on such smart words as Windows 10.

In short, do not go to the physical store if you are killed, and do not choose a campus agent if you are killed.

If you have strict after-sales requirements, it is recommended to choose first-tier brands such as Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, etc., they usually have a complete after-sales system. The after-sales of some brands is slightly more complicated, such as Microsoft. (Basically after-sale services rely on express delivery. Fortunately, Microsoft generally replaces and repairs, and the experience is very good. And Surface’s quality control has been greatly improved over the past few years. However, I hope that everyone will not get out of the way, after all, Apple is motivated by the department Changing the after-sales service terms many times does reduce the fraud, but it is obviously not a good thing for consumers. If you want to know, why not search for the so-called “official replacement”?

Before you read this article, please make sure your needs are clear, whether you want to buy thin or game books, and then start reading this article. If you have to travel frequently, move your computer, or you are a girl, it is recommended to buy thin and light books, the performance of thin and light books is not very high, but it is sufficient for daily use. If you are a gamer and need a mobile computer, you can buy a game book. Their performance is relatively high, but it is heavy. As for workstations, this article will not discuss them for now.

Let’s start with this picture

Although this picture has been transmitted for many years, it is still applicable to today’s notebook market. After many years, the market structure and pricing strategy of notebook computers have not changed much, so I put it here again.

CPU (central processing unit)

Product Logo for 8th Generation Intel Core Processors
There are currently two main CPUs, Intel and AMD. In addition, Windows computers based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor based on ARM architecture began to appear at the end of 2017. Generally speaking, given that Qualcomm Snapdragon processor-based laptops have not yet become popular, we will not discuss them for now. AMD mobile processors can only buy the Ryzen APU family. The old A-series, E-series, and FX-series processors are a scam.

Intel released a new ninth-generation mobile standard processor some time ago. Compared with the 8th-generation CPU, the 45W mobile standard i5 and i7 have returned to the strategy of squeezing toothpaste, only increasing the frequency, and some models have increased by three. Level cache, no essential improvement. I9 squeezed a lot of toothpaste and added two physical cores. I don’t know how hot it is. Anyway, some manufacturers who do things like single heat pipe pressure i9 are still pressing single heat pipe i9. For the standard mobile i7 and i5, the increase is really limited, and consumers with insufficient budgets can consider laptops equipped with older generation CPUs.

Intel processors can be roughly categorized by family, architecture, TDP, and more:


Cheating money Celeron, Pentium;

Low-end Core (core) i3, mid-end Core i5; high-end Core i7.

The flagship Core i9 appears only on notebooks equipped with 8th / 9th generation Intel Core processors.

Low-end Pentium and Celeron! Man! do not! bump! It is a product of cheating money. Another Atom is also cheating money.

Here’s how to choose a CPU:

For thin and light notebooks, i7 without a brain is a stupid and money-rich behavior, such as i5-8250U and i7-8550U, both are 15W low-voltage mobile processors, both with 4 cores and 8 threads. The only difference is i7- The reference frequency of the 8550U (1.8 GHz) is 200 MHz higher than that of the i5-8250U (1.6 GHz), and the Turbo frequency is increased from 3.4 GHz to 4 GHz of the i5-8250U, and the Turbo frequency will take a little longer. There is no difference in other places, and the actual performance gap will not be higher than 10%, so at this time, i7 is just spending money.

For game books, i7 is perfectly fine. For the 45W mobile standard CPU, the i7-9750H has two more cores and four threads than the i5-9300H. So i7-9750H can have much better performance than i5-9300H. For i9-9980HK, emmm, you are happy.

It should be noted that the “law” or “common sense” of Celeron <Pentium <Core i3 <Core i5 <Core i7 <Core i9 requires specific prerequisites to take effect, that is, it must be the same generation product (sixth generation, seventh-generation Generation, eight generations), same positioning (mobile low voltage, mobile standard pressure, desktop).

To give a few examples, if the i5-9400 and i7-9700K belong to the ninth generation products and both belong to the desktop-level CPU, then the i7-9700K is suspended from the i5-9400.

If it is a non-contemporary product, the situation will become different. For example, i5-7400 and i3-8350K, one is the seventh generation, the other is the eighth generation because the eighth generation processor adds two physical cores to achieve a large performance improvement, resulting in the seventh generation products completely reduced to money fraud products. Therefore, the i3-8350K lifts the i5-7400.

If it is not the same positioning product, the situation will become different, such as i5-8300H and i7-8550U. Although both are eighth-generation processors, i5-8300H is a 45W standard voltage mobile processor, while i7-8550U is 15W low. Voltage mobile processor, i5-8300H can hang i7-8550U at this time.


The 8 / 9th generation Coffee Lake, 8th generation Whiskey Lake, and 7 / 6th generation Kaby Lake / Skylake that have been included in money fraud products are currently seen on the market.

When buying a new computer, it is best to choose the latest architecture. If the money is tight, you can buy the old generation architecture, but only if Intel is squeezing toothpaste. For example, Coffee Lake and Whiskey Lake, the Whiskey Lake architecture CPU is an enhanced version of the current 8th generation low voltage U. The new i5-8265U and i7-8565U are compared to the old 8th generation low voltage processor of the Coffee Lake architecture. Just increasing the maximum turbo frequency, there is no sincerity over the 6th to 7th generation. This situation can be basically ignored in daily use, so I think that for mobile processors, the 8th generation Coffee Lake coffee lake processor is more suitable for users with tight budgets to buy.

For the 7 / 6th generation processors, it is not recommended to buy. The 8th generation processors have a 30% improvement in multi-core performance. A low-voltage i7 can run at a level close to the standard pressure i5 of the 7th generation. Although the ninth generation has no sincerity, it has improved a little bit. It is recommended that you try to buy products with new platforms and new architectures. They usually have better power consumption ratio, longer battery life, and more powerful performance.

TDP (Thermal Design Power)

The mobile version of the processor TDP is divided into 5W ultra-low voltage, 15W low voltage and 45W standard voltage, as well as some special models of 28W. The performance comparison of the same generation is basically 45W> 28W> 15W> 5W.

5W is the original Core m series changed its name, as long as there is Y in the name, such as i7-7Y75 and i5-7Y54, then don’t worry, it is definitely an ultra-low voltage CPU of TDP 5W, generally speaking ultra-thin Laptop computers are likely to use this, such as Apple MacBook, Dell XPS 13 9365 and other products.

15W products are used more. Most of the thin and light books we are familiar with are such CPUs. The more common Intel Core i5-8265U and Core i7-8565U are 15W low-voltage CPUs. The mainstream thin and light books are basically It’s all this kind of CPU, because there are so many computers using this kind of CPU, we won’t list them one by one.

28W products are mostly sold to Apple. They are used in their 13-inch Touch Bar MacBook Pro product line (the Touch Bar models are still 2017 models, equipped with 15W 7th generation low-voltage CPUs), and the Windows camp uses 28W CPUs. There are very few computers in general, and VAIO (now no longer available) seems to have several models. Compared with the ordinary 15W CPU, this part of the product mainly increases the frequency and is equipped with a powerful core display. The performance of the core display equipped with this type of CPU is comparable to or even stronger than that of the low-end independent display. Intel’s own NUC mini computers also often use 28W low-voltage processors. Representative models are i5-8259U and i7-8559U.

45W is a standard voltage CPU. It is generally used in game books, traditional high-performance notebooks and some mobile workstations. Features are nothing more than high heat output and power consumption. The advantage is high performance. Compared with a 15W CPU, the performance is not a little improved. The representative models are i5-9300H and i7-9750H. Due to the large amount of heat generated, this type of CPU generally requires a strong cooling system to “reduce monsters”. If the cooling performance of the notebook computer is insufficient, this CPU is still used As for the consequences, referring to the 15-inch MacBook Pro and the XPS 15 next door, the heat is moving at high loads.

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