What is an automotive ECU?What is an automotive ECU?

1. What is ECU:

ECU (Electronic Control Unit) electronic controller unit, also known as the “driving computer” of the car, their purpose is to control the driving state of the car and achieve its various functions. It mainly uses the data collection and exchange of various sensors and buses to determine the state of the vehicle and the intention of the driver and to control the car through the actuator.

2. What ECUs are on the car:

Nowadays, ECU has become one of the most common parts in automobiles, and it can be divided into different types according to different functions. The most common are the following types of ECUs:

EMS (Engine Management System) engine management system is applied to PFI (as shown above), GDI, diesel engine, hybrid power system, etc., and mainly controls the engine’s fuel injection, ignition, torque distribution and other functions.

TCU (Transmission Control Unit) automatic transmission control unit, commonly used in AMT, AT, DCT, CVT and other automatic transmissions, according to the driving status of the vehicle to adopt different gear strategies.

The BCM (Body Control Module) body control module mainly controls body electrical appliances, such as vehicle lights, wipers, washing, door locks, power windows, sunroofs, electric rear-view mirrors, and remote controls.

ESP (Electronic Stability Program) body electronic stability control system, body electronic stability control system. ESP can make the vehicle maintain the best stability under various conditions, and the effect is more obvious in the case of oversteer or understeer. ESP is a special name of Bosch. For example, Nissan’s vehicle dynamics adjustment system VDC (Vehicle Dynamic Control), Toyota’s vehicle stability control system VSC (Vehicle Stability Control), and Honda’s vehicle stability control system VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist). Control), BMW’s Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) and so on. Nowadays, many mid- to high-end joint venture cars and domestic cars will be equipped with this module.

BMS (Battery Management System) battery management system, as the name suggests, this controller is specially prepared for electric vehicles or hybrid vehicles equipped with power batteries. The main function is to improve the utilization rate of the battery, prevent the battery from overcharging and overdischarging, extend the battery life, and monitor the battery status.

VCU (Vehicle Control Unit) vehicle controller, used in the assembly controller of hybrid / pure electric vehicle power system, is responsible for coordinating the work of the engine, drive motor, gearbox, power battery and other components to improve the performance of new energy vehicles. Economical, dynamic, safe and reduce emissions pollution.

3. What are the outstanding ECU manufacturers:

Nowadays, the resources and core technologies for producing ECUs are almost monopolized by foreign companies. Due to the restrictions on technology and emission regulations, most domestic vehicle manufacturers have to spend money on purchasing spare parts from foreign ECU manufacturers. Nowadays, independent brands are actively increasing the R & D efforts of ECU in order to get rid of the situation where the core technology is restricted to outsiders. After introducing foreign capital for so many years, basically what can be bought with the money has been obtained, and it is difficult to buy without the spent money. In the end, the development of independent brands depends on the development of their core technology and the cultivation of the research and development team. Fortunately, a few local car companies, including BYD, Chery, and Weichai Power, have developed their own ECUs after continuous technical research, and they have been equipped on some models. This has allowed us to see the core technologies of the Chinese automotive industry. Field of hope.

(1) BOSCH (Germany)

The Bosch Group is the world’s largest automotive technology supplier. The automotive and intelligent transportation business covers gasoline systems, diesel systems, automotive chassis control systems, automotive electronic drives, starters and generators. Total sales of auto parts business last year: $ 44.825 billion.

(2) Continental (Germany)

In 2007, the European Commission approved the acquisition of Siemens VDO by Continental AG. Since then, the ECU business of Siemens VDO belongs to Continental, which has also made Continental rank among the world’s top five auto parts suppliers. Continental’s business covers braking systems, powertrain and chassis systems and components, instruments, infotainment systems, automotive electronics, tires and industrial rubber products. Total sales last year: $ 31.480 billion.

(3) DENSO Denso (Japan)

Denso Corporation (DENSO) is one of the world’s leading suppliers of automotive parts and systems, providing a wide range of products and after-sales services, including automotive air-conditioning equipment and heating systems, electronic automation and electronic control products, fuel oil Management systems, radiators, spark plugs, instrument clusters, filters, industrial robots, telecommunications products, and information processing equipment. Last year’s total sales: $ 36.30 billion.

(4) UAE United Automotive Electronics (middle)

United Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. (UAES for short) was established in 1995. It is a joint venture between China United Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. and German Robert Bosch (BOSCH) Co., Ltd. in China. The company is mainly engaged in the development, production and sales of gasoline engine management systems, transmission control systems, body electronics, hybrid and electric drive control systems. Total sales last year: 16 billion yuan.

(5) DIAS Lianchuang Automotive Electronics (middle)

Lianchuang Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 and is a core automotive electronic component company under the leadership of SAIC. Mainly provide customers with diesel engine management, electric power steering control, new energy vehicle electronic control, tire pressure monitoring system solutions and component products. Last year’s total sales: 270 million yuan.

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